PET Strapping Roll

PET Strapping Roll

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We offer premium quality PET Straps for strapping medium to heavy loads. They bring excellent packaging solutions. There is constant tension during the handling of package. Polyester strapping provides great safety during transport. It is rust-proof, high strength and easy to handle. With high levels of break strength, the product offers utmost reliability.
Our polyester (PET) strapping is well tested and perfect for established packaging machines. It has been manufactured with ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. Our worldwide customers can rely on our quality strapping.

Key Features:

  • Use of superior raw material and additives
  • Choice of colors & surface types – smooth or embossed treatment
  • A perfect substitute of the steel strap  
  • Excellent high tensile strength 
  • Lower costs and environment friendly
  • Suited for medium and heavy applications
  • Rust free & safe working
  • High heat resisting   
Why PET Strap is a Perfect Alternative of the Steel Strapping?

Polyester (PET) strapping is a good replacement of Steel strapping. Following are the reasons for same:

Economy: 50% Cost saving as compared to the Steel Strapping. The weight of 6 meters of PET Strap is Equal to 1 meter of Steel Strap (same size). It offers easy handling.  
Corrosion Free: PET Strap is rust-free as well as chemically inert.
Safety: In PET Strap, there is no sharp edges like steel. It will not damage goods. The PET Strap creates a safe work environment.  
Impact Resistance: PET Strap has greater impact resistance than steel strap. Also, it has higher shock absorbing capability than the steel strap.
Elongation Recovery: PET Strap has slight elasticity – it returns to the original position under tension. Its elongation recovery is good. Also, the PET Strap keeps strap tension.

Why PET Strap is a Great Choice?
  • It is practical in many packaging applications.
  • PET Strap has excellent tensile strength.  
  • It also maintains tensile strength for a long time stretch.  
  • Superior shock resistance, greater load stability & good retained tension.  
  • Less elongation – Packs can be moved safely during storage or transport.
  • Great weather resistance – PET Strap is unaffected by weather or harsh environment. It has higher resistant to ultra-violet rays, and it holds tension in humid conditions too. PET Strap is heat resistant. 


  • Model Number – 10 mm to 25 mm Width
  • Material – PET
  • Color – Black & Green
  • Place Of Origin – India
  • Surface – Plain (Smooth) and Embossed (Knurling)